Public and Contract Warehousing

Capital’s public and contract warehousing services offer many distinct benefits and competitive advantages to our clients. Our Northern California warehousing and distribution facility is strategically located in West Sacramento and has direct rail access to provide expedited support for any global network. Our warehouse management system (WMS) enables our team to provide the inventory management capabilities required to operate a dedicated or multi-client facility.

Capital’s public and contract warehouse facility is supported by our transportation divison, which gives you seamless coordination of your shipments. The efficiencies gained through Capital’s integrated resources give us a distinct advantage over our competition, allowing time and cost savings to be passed directly to our clients.


Value-Add Warehousing Services

  • Inventory management: Capital’s inventory management solution maximizes utilization of space to deliver efficiency combined with ease of movement based on your shipping patterns.
  • Pick/Pack: Our supply-chain management experts offer complete pick/pack capability, getting incoming and outgoing shipments assembled and in process in the least amount of time.
  • Palletizing: Our warehouse palletizing service ensures that your product is stored and moved safely within the warehouse and beyond.
  • Order configuration: Capital order configuration services minimize waste and get your freight moved quickly when timing counts.
  • Repackaging: As freight moves in and out of your warehouse space, we can package and repackage it to suit your next freight move.
  • Labeling and price tagging: With on-site labeling and price tagging, products can move from destination to delivery without any intermediary stops
  • Kitting and assembly: As orders are placed, Capital’s streamlined kitting and assembly process ensures that the right products are assembled for shipping.

Our experienced warehousing and logistics team and flexible environment allow customers to take advantage of shared resources and technology to drive efficiencies across their supply chain.