Location, Location, Location

Strategically headquartered in West Sacramento, CA, Capital Express Lines occupies a 14 acre terminal which houses the administrative offices, a 50,000 square foot distribution facility, as well as parking for 200 plus trailers.


Well Oiled Machine

Capital Express Lines houses state of the art maintenance facility employing full-time technicians 24 hours a day to ensure each piece of equipment is thoroughly serviced resulting in a well maintained fleet. All repairs from changing tires to complete rebuilds are done in-house to control costs and keep your cargo on the road. All preventative maintenance services are performed well before the required intervals to ensure our trucks are rolling 24 hours a day.


An Open Invitation

We continually outperform the competition not only because of what we do, but how we do it. At Capital Express Lines, we take pride in our operations and encourage others to visit our headquarters and see for yourself. Experience the difference our people-oriented and technology-driven philosophy makes.