Lean, Mean & Green

As a transportation provider, we have a corporate responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint. We have partnered with Smartway Transport to lower greenhouse gas emissions, reduce air pollution and increase fuel efficiency. Environmental performance is a shared commitment and requires the cooperation of all parts of society. We are determined to continue to provide leadership within our sphere of influence.

We have initiated clean air strategies to honor our commitment to the environment:

  • Late model tractors
    • To lower emissions and maximize fuel efficiency
  • Aerodynamic trailer skirts
    • To minimize drag and improve air flow
  • Low-viscosity lubricants
    • To reduce friction and energy losses, lowering the amount of wasted fuel
  • Automatic tire inflation system
    • To extend tire life and ensure proper tire pressure to improve productivity
    • Weigh station bypass technology to minimize delays and improve fuel mileage
    • Reduce paper waste and promote a paper-free work environment
  • APUs
  • Company-wide recycling programs

Capital Express Lines takes its environmental policy very seriously and believes it is an integral part of our mission to provide quality transportation solutions. Our longstanding push for sustainability all reflect the value we put on being green. Sustainability means a better future for all of us.