Mission Possible

At Capital Express Lines, our mission is to provide exceptional service with innovative ideas for our customers’ future success. Our people-oriented philosophy takes place 24 hours a day/7 days a week with your team always available – whenever you need them. Our senior dispatchers have industry expertise of over 15 years and are dedicated to our customer’s satisfaction along with a staff to support these efforts for success. Backed by the most modern transportation and logistics technology, Capital Express Lines is devoted to providing exceptional service, prompt attention and accurate information to truckload shippers with each and every individual need in mind.


Keys to Success

Experience is the key to success in the constantly-changing transportation industry. Our operations team’s vast experience, coupled with the finest tools and technologies available, have challenged them to meet and exceed the highest standard of performance. This forward-thinking, technology-driven mindset enables us to be even more reliable, competitive and responsive to your needs.

Fulfilling our mission is seen in every aspect of our operations and we continually push ourselves to set new standards of quality and performance through leadership, respect and commitment.