When Time is Money

Capital Express Lines has redefined the meaning of critical. When you’re running short on time and you feel a sense of urgency, you need a carrier that has the expertise and specializes in responding immediately. With 80% of our freight being critical or just-in-time, we excel at providing the extra care these shipments demand. Capital is the perfect solution to take on that responsibility. Simply put, we understand the need to move quickly.


Top of the Line Equipment

We pride ourselves on our late-model equipment, so it is no surprise that all team tractors are less than 1 year in average age.  Equipped with the latest satellite tracking technology, Capital Express Lines provides ultra-reliable performance time after time. You can rest assured that our operations team is monitoring the location of each tractor 24 hours a day 7 days a week so you can sleep at night knowing we are absolutely dedicated to your shipment. We provide peace of mind at no extra charge.


People Who Make a Difference

Our critical capacity solutions drivers are trained and accustomed to running on-demand, urgent freight. They’ve earned their reputation as professionals who understand the time-critical nature of safely hauling highly-sensitive rush shipments. They are committed to getting the job done just as much as our operations teams. Without a doubt, we have the utmost confidence in our critical capacity solutions team in resolving any situation.