More Options, More Flexibility

Capital Express Lines offers independent contractors a choice of two competitive plans:

  • LOAD PERCENTAGE PLAN: Contractor receives a percentage of the gross load revenue with 100% pass-through of customer’s fuel surcharge.
  • TRADITIONAL MILEAGE PLAN: Allows contractor to run at a fixed rate per mile with the addition of a fuel surcharge that reflects the week’s average price of diesel.

Our knowledgeable placement specialists will gladly help determine which fits your business better.


A Solid Partnership

You need a strong partner to help you stay moving and operating profitably; a partner like Capital Express Lines. Our independent contractor driving opportunities offer a host of financial advantages and support systems including:

  • Reduced cost of maintenance and parts at our company-owned facility
  • Discounted fuel due to Capital’s volume purchasing
  • Available quickpay to streamline your cash flow
  • Knowledge that ownership and management are former independent contractors that fully understand your needs and goals